Accolades & Awards

2017 President's Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision:

Dr. John Lavis

2016-17 HEI Teaching Awards:

Full-time/Joint Category: Dr. Lawrence Mbuagbaw 

2016-17 HEI Mentoring/Supervision Awards:

Full-time/Joint Category: Dr. Parminder Raina

Part-time/Associate Category: Dr. Gina Agarwal 

2016 FHS Teaching Assistant Award:

Tommaso D'Ovidio

2016 HEI Student Publication Awards:

Best HEI Student Paper: Harsha Shanthanna 

Best HEI Student Paper on Aboriginal Peoples' Health or Health in Low/Middle Income Countries: Sujane Kandasamy 

2016 Mary Keyes Award for Outstanding Leadership & Service to McMaster:

David Absalom and Meloja Satkunan