Renowned cardiovascular researcher has medicine in her DNA

Mar 9, 2018, 10:07 AM by Joel Tiller
HEI's Sonia Anand has become a renowned cardiovascular researcher and clinician. Her research on cardiovascular disease among ethnic groups, population genetics and women’s cardiovascular health have catapulted her reputation worldwide.

Medicine was a likely career calling for Sonia Anand.

It was in her DNA, with a father who was a general surgeon and a mother who was an anesthetist.

Her parents came to Canada from India for a better life and wanted the same for their children.

“My two older sisters both chose a career in law, so my parents strongly suggested that I do medicine because they had fulfilling careers, and I was the only one left,” says Anand, who was raised in the small town of Kentville, Nova Scotia.

“Luckily I also like science, so I told them I would give it a try.”

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