Health-related quality of life overlooked in drug studies extending progression-free survival of cancer patients

Oct 2, 2018, 09:05 AM by Joel Tiller
The findings of a systematic review and quantitative analysis led by HEI's Dr. Feng Xie are challenging the accepted standard of evaluating the efficacy of new cancer drugs.

A McMaster University-led review and analysis of randomized clinical trials is questioning whether interventions which prolong progression-free survival in cancer patients, improve their health-related quality of life. 

The systematic review and quantitative analysis of 52 articles reporting on 38 randomized clinical trials involving 13,979 cancer patients across 12 cancer types revealed no significant association between survival when the disease is not getting worse, or "progression-free survival", and health-related quality of life.   

The results were published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine.

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