Although many of the faculty, staff and students of the Faculty of Health Sciences will be enjoying a seasonal break, some people will still need to access services within the campus or hospitals during that time.

Here is important information about the upcoming holiday closures or changes in hours of service at McMaster University and in the Health Sciences Centre (also know as the McMaster University Medical Centre).

With the exception of essential services, McMaster University is closed at the end of the day Thursday, Dec. 23, 2021, and reopens on Monday, Jan. 3, 2022. 

Please visit the links below for specific information about hours and/or closures during this time:

Mail Services
Library (Health Sciences)
FHS Room Bookings
McMaster Parking
Hamilton Health Sciences Parking
University Central Facilities Services
FHS Corporate Facilities Services
Mail Services

David Braley Health Science Centre Holiday Information and Closures
La Prep will be closed from Dec. 24, 2021 and will reopen Jan. 3, 2022.
In general, the building will be closed from Dec. 27 to Dec. 31, but the clinics will still be running.

Williams Fresh Café (Ewart Angus Centre)
Regular Hours:  open daily from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.
Friday Dec. 24                                      8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday Dec. 25  to  Sunday, Jan 2    CLOSED
Monday Jan.  3                                    8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Hospital links -- McMaster/HSC Food Service
For hours of service for the Baywest Café, the Corner Café, the McMaster Give Shop, and the Giving Blooms in effect from Thursday Dec. 23, 2021 until Wednesday Jan. 5, 2022, please visit the following link:

University Central Facilities Services asks:
The University would like to ensure that campus buildings energy consumption is minimized over the holiday break.   

 You can help by the following actions before leaving for holidays:

  • Unplug any unnecessary equipment, as plugged-in equipment consumes power even when not turned on.
  • Turn off lights
  • Close off fume hood sashes and water taps in labs.

Facility Services would be setting back facility heating and cooling systems to conserve energy.
Customer Service Centre ext. 24740
Facilities Services Website Alerts

HHS Engineering (MUMC/HSC) Emergency Contact:  Customer Service Centre ext. 75501

The opportunity for theft rises when the University is closed. Here are tips to help create a safe and secure environment:

  • Work areas, particularly those unoccupied or isolated, should be locked even if you are leaving your work area for a short time such as for lunch coffee break, or photocopying.     
  • Lock up all personal valuables and equipment such as purses, wallets, cell phones, laptop computers, keys.
  • Make sure that your purse, briefcase, gifts, pager, cell phone, laptop computer, or other items of value are not left in plain view in your vehicle or work area.  Ensure that all persons assigned to work in your area wear identification badges at all times.
  • Items of value should be left at home, do not bring items to work but, if you must, be sure to have them locked up at all times.
  • Actual or potential breeches in security including lost keys access cards and HHS photo identification need to be reported to security immediately.
  • Any suspicious persons or activity should be immediately reported to Security Services. Suspicious activity includes anything that seems out of the ordinary for whatever reason.


McMaster Security                 ext. 24281 or 88
HHS Security                           ext. 74444 
St. Joseph’s Healthcare          ext. 33280 – Switchboard (905) 522-1155  

For hospital services and schedules, please visit these websites:

Hamilton Health Sciences                           
St. Joseph’s Healthcare                                     
Hamilton General Hospital                                          
St. Peter’s Hospital                                      
Juravinski Cancer Centre                            
Hamilton Health Sciences – King West  
McMaster Children’s Hospital                    



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